why capital block

Capital Block was born out of the idea to prepare Sports and Entertainment brands for this exciting digital future.
The journey is long and NFTs are only part of the story, as there’s a much bigger Web3 ecosystem to navigate. At the heart are the fans. We understand what they react to and this informs our approach. Rooted in uncluttering the decision-making process, we help our partners build Web3 solutions that integrate into their existing Web2 framework for a seamless fan experience. 
Based on our experience in the crypto and sports / entertainment sector we provide resources, expertise and build trust by acting as an extension of your team and consulting with our partners to execute the right solutions for your business. 

We’re not just better. We’re different.

We work with brands to create and deliver short, medium and long term streamlined strategy that’s capable of delivering Web3 solutions within the brands owned digital properties coupled with the right technical partners. 
At Capital Block we are platform agnostic which means our solutions are based on the brands outcomes and not influenced by any Blockchain technology. 

what we do